To eliminate the use of paper by making digital signatures easy to use.


TRUECOPY.IN was founded by professionals with several decades of experience in various industry verticals, specifically in Digital Security. We have built high grade solutions implementing state of art algorithms & standards that are being used extensively by government agencies, financial industry and by corporates. In the financial industry, our solutions have cummulatively processed documents whose value is in lakhs of crores of rupees.

We realized that there is an enormous number of paper documents ("true copies") being exchanged in B2B, B2C and C2B workflows today. With paper comes significant overhead in terms of resources, printing costs, stationery, storage space, transportation, and time; not to mention wastage and efforts associated with duplication of documents. We also realized that there is significant concern about the validity of paper documents, and no easy way to guarantee their authenticity. It was clear that a secure on-line platform would not only address these significant problems in a multitude of industry verticals, but also provide an eco-friendly alternative that would eliminate the use of paper. This was the genesis of TRUECOPY.IN.

We provide exceptional client support. Our clients rely on us to bring them innovation and new ideas in document security.

Students from 300+ institutions in India (including IITs, NITs, Govt and Private Insts) have sent electronic documents via TRUECOPY to destinations worldwide.

Documents have been transmitted to 1000+ destinations in North America & Europe.

Hundreds of Corporate clients across verticals such as manufacturing, healthcare, fin-serv, automotive, FMCG, packaging, IT and others sign millions of documents daily using TRUECOPY solutions.