Enterprise Signature Solutions

TRUESignerTM Enterprise

This is the solution that enables our clients to implement centralized digital signatures across various departments and functions. It supports integration into multiple ERP/CRM/MIS systems such as SAP / Oracle / NAV / Others for seamless signing.


It Works

  • A dedicated signature appliance either on-premise or in the cloud that supports REST based signing API.
  • API can be consumed from multiple applications including SAP/Oracle/Navision/Salesforce as well as any custom developed application in .NET/JAVA/PHP to invoke signing of documents.
  • The Signed document is returned to the calling system / ERP instantly in the API response.
  • Folder based interface for signing can be setup if API integration is not a suitable option.
  • Individual or Company’s PKI based signature certificates including HSM based certificates can be used for signing.
  • Comprehensive audit trail and logs as well as a repository of signed files is maintained on the signature server.
  • User management is performed via an admin portal.
  • Sample API calling code is shared with clients making the integration really straightforward and quick.
  • High Availability configuration supported.


  • Companies can automate bulk signing for invoices, Purchase orders, Credit / Debit Notes and so on.
  • Being a central signature server, APIs can be easily integrated into multiple calling applications. This solution can help eliminate the use the paper completely.
  • Multi-factor authentication ensures the security and traceability.
  • Highly scalable, high throughput. Supports high signature volumes.

Use Case

This solution is ideal for companies looking for a centralized, automated signing solution. This solution caters to multiple signers from multiple locations invoking signing functionality from within their ERP systems such as SAP/Oracle/Navision/Other. The documents that can be signed include GST invoices, purchase orders, credit/debit notes, HR letters and so on.