Enterprise Signature Solutions


This solution enables signing documents from within your ERP or Web-portal using DSC tokens (USB dongles). If you are looking for a signing solution that easily integrates into your current system and allows your users to sign with DSC tokens, this is the solution for you.


It Works

  • Integrates into your ERP including SAP/Tally/NAV/Oracle/Other or any web-based Portal.
  • Signing interface is directly via your ERP / Portal.
  • User needs to connect USB token to their computer to sign.


  • Integrates easily with any desktop or web based system, and signing is done from within the system
  • Allows signing using registered DSC tokens only

Use Case

This solution is ideal for solution providers or users who want to integrate DSC token-signing into their ERPs / Web-portals. It has been integrated by SAP / NAV/Tally/Oracle users in addition to hundreds of other portals.